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About Our Company

At 4D Molecular Therapeutics, we are unlocking the full potential of the gene therapy field. Our customized AAV vectors can deliver genes to any cell in the body to eradicate disease.

4DMT is a global leader in gene therapy product research & development. 4DMT and our partners are using scientific innovation to unlock the full potential of gene therapy for patients with genetic diseases. Our robust discovery platform, termed Directed Vector Evolution, empowers us to create customized gene delivery vehicles (novel AAV vectors) to deliver genes to any tissue or organ in the body. These customized products allow us to deliver normal genes to tissues with defective genes (as occurs in genetic diseases). This 4DMT discovery technology was originally developed over 15 years by our co-Founder David Schaffer at the University of California, Berkeley.

In contrast to first-generation vectors, our customized 4D vectors target specific patient tissues in a highly efficient and targeted fashion, while avoiding other tissues and resisting immune clearance (by pre-existing antibodies). 4D has a robust and growing product pipeline, including partnered programs with our collaborators at Roche and Pfizer. Our management team, led by co-Founder & CEO Dr. David Kirn, has the most experience in the industry in viral vector gene therapy R&D, clinical development, entrepreneurship and business development. 4D Molecular Therapeutics is based at 5980 Horton Street in Emeryville, CA. In the San Francisco Bay Area, 4D is in a world-class hub for biomedical innovation.

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