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4D has one of the deepest and most diverse product pipelines in the gene therapy field.

We achieve this through the power of our robust vector discovery platform Directed Vector Evolution. We are able to deliver customized vectors to target specific tissues in the body, while resisting neutralization by pre-existing antibodies. 4D is engineering products for severe genetic diseases involving a diverse array of target tissues, including the following areas: retina, heart, liver, brain, skeletal muscle and lung.

In addition, our diversified business model allows us to have more products in the pipeline. Our partners’ development and commercialization expertise complements our strengths. We deeply value our partners, who are leaders in gene therapy (e.g. UniQure) and in biopharmaceuticals (e.g. Roche). Please see the Partnership section of our website.

Our vector pipeline is the most robust in the gene therapy field. We currently have over 10 parallel discovery programs on-going (see below).

4DMT Product Pipeline

Our product pipeline is one of the most robust in the gene therapy field. We are engineering our own 4D products in diverse disease areas including the retina, heart, skeletal muscle & others. In addition, our partners are positioned to develop products for numerous disease indications, including diseases of the retina, liver and CNS.

4DMT Vector Discovery Progress
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