4DMT is creating and developing a robust product pipeline of both wholly-owned products and partnered products. Our products are engineered with 4DMT optimized and proprietary AAV vectors. When we design a product for patients, we start by defining the Target Product Profile that would give these patients the greatest clinical benefit. Based on the Target Product Profile we design and select the optimal vector from our extensive portfolio of proprietary AAV vectors.

These products therefore are designed to benefit from 4DMT vector advantages including the following:

IMPROVED EFFICACY WITH SPECIFIC TISSUE TARGETING: Each vector in a 4DMT product was designed upfront specifically to target tissues involved in the disease indication being treated.

IMPROVED SAFETY: 4DMT vector and product targeting should reduce inflammation risk, as well as decrease the doses required for efficacy.

RESISTANCE TO PRE-EXISTING ANTIBODIES IN THE POPULATION: For specific diseases our Target Product Profile includes resistance to antibodies, meaning a larger patient population can be treated (fewer patients prevented from entering clinical trials), and potentially greater efficacy in patients with anti-AAV antibodies.

LOWER DOSES: Our vectors are designed for efficacy at lower doses and reduced manufacturing burdens compared with 1st and 2nd generation AAV vectors.


Therapeutic Areas