Tandis Vazin, PhD

Dr. Vazin has more than 12 years of experience in stem cell biology and development of various human cell types for in vitro disease modeling and cell replacement therapies. She holds a B.S degree in Chemical Engineering, a M.S degree in Bioengineering and conducted her Ph.D. studies at John’s Hopkins University and the National Institutes of Health in biotechnology and neuroscience. She completed her post-doctoral training and served as a senior scientist in Dr. Schaffer’s laboratory at UC Berkeley.

At UC Berkeley, Dr. Vazin developed one of the first human Alzheimer’s models in vitro for use in drug screening and established improved methods for cell therapies for treatment of neurodegenerative disorders including Parkinson’s Disease. She also developed human in vitro models, which were instrumental for studies of AAV directed evolution in human pluripotent stem cells and characterization of novel AAV variants capable of improved gene delivery to neural stem cells.

Prior to joining 4DMT, she led the scientific team at a small biotech startup developing cell therapy products from human hematopoietic stem cells.

At 4D Molecular Therapeutics, Dr. Vazin has established the Human Cell and Disease Modeling Department and developen physiologically relevant human organotypic model systems for therapeutic vector evolution, characterization of novel AAV variants, and in vitro pharmacology, serving as predictive representations of human responses to AAV-based gene therapy as a critical de-risking step prior to initiation of human trials.