Jenny Holt

Jenny Holt is an experienced researcher and program manager with twenty years of industry experience in gene therapy, oncolytic virus, oncology, and immunotherapy. Jenny is one of the earliest employees of 4DMT and is a co-founder and steering committee member for IGNITE Immunotherapy.

Jenny graduated from UC Santa Barbara and started work in gene therapy at the Gladstone Institutes of Cardiovascular Disease. Working with adenovirus, her research focused on the use of gene therapy in atherosclerotic arties. Jenny’s experience with adenovirus led her to Onyx Pharmaceuticals, where she worked to develop novel cancer therapies and generated proprietary oncolytic adenovirus through mutagenesis and bioselection. She also worked at Berlex (now Bayer) where she performed bioselection of adenovirus in colorectal cancer cell lines.


Jenny then spent seven years conducting cancer research at the Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research. Her work there covered small molecular inhibitor research in cancer where she researched synthetic lethality in DNA damage and repair and evaluated the mechanisms of resistance in BRAFV600.

Jenny’s work at 4DMT focuses on the program and alliance management in the retina therapeutic area. This work includes driving the internal product timelines, CRO management, and management of relationships and projects with external partners.