Our partnership strategy

Selectively partner with leading pharmaceutical companies to harness the full potential of our platform while retaining product rights in key markets, and work closely with patient advocacy groups to inform our programs.

We have retained rights to the majority of therapeutic areas and product opportunities within our proprietary platforms. We have entered into strategic partnerships with biopharmaceutical companies Roche, AstraZeneca (previously MedImmune) and uniQure in order to maximize the potential of the platform and broaden our therapeutic reach through their expertise and commercial capabilities.

Industry Partners

Our partnership with Roche is focused on the design, development and commercialization of targeted and proprietary AAV products for use in ophthalmology indications. Initial products in development will be targeted to address inherited retinal diseases, using 4DMT intravitreal injection vectors, including for the treatment of Choroideremia (4D-110). 4DMT will focus on product design and engineering, preclinical development, early-stage clinical development (Phase 1-2 trials) and pre-commercial manufacturing and analytical activities. Roche is positioned to perform pivotal Phase 3 trials, regulatory and pricing approval activities, and global commercialization. Roche will fund all R&D activities performed by 4DMT on Roche-licensed products, including development through Phase 2 clinical trials for Choroideremia.

Under the agreement, Roche has an exclusive, sublicenseable, worldwide license to develop and commercialize products and constructs using our proprietary AAV vectors to treat ophthalmological diseases and disorders, excluding treatment and prevention of cancer and central nervous system conditions (but not retinal nerves) and delivery of DNA-directed RNA interference.

In August 2019, we entered into an Amended and Restated Collaboration and License with uniQure. Under the Amended and Restated uniQure Agreement, we granted uniQure an exclusive, sublicenseable, worldwide license, to research, develop, make, use, and commercialize pre-selected AAV capsid variants, and compounds and products containing such Selected Variants, using our proprietary AAV technology for delivery of gene therapy constructs to cells in the central nervous system and the liver.

Also in August 2019, we entered into a separate Collaboration and License Agreement with uniQure. Under the Second uniQure Agreement, the parties agreed to research and develop new AAV capsid variants that are not Selected Variants using our proprietary AAV technology for delivery of transgene constructs that affect certain targets in the central nervous system and the liver.

Our collaboration with AstraZeneca is focused on leveraging our directed evolution technology to optimize our AAV capsid variants for the delivery of certain genes to the lung for the treatment of specific lung disease indications. 4DMT retains all other rights for lung disease, for 4DMT lung vectors and for modulation of any other molecular target in the lung.