Industry Partners

We believe in success through collaboration. We seek partnerships with leading biopharmaceutical companies that bring complementary capabilities and resources, with the goal of introducing potentially life-saving therapies to the market more efficiently. Through collaborations we can extend our reach beyond our 4DMT internal pipeline to additional disease indications. Our partners augment our capabilities through their disease area expertise and key opinion leader networks; strong intellectual property on promising transgene payloads and/or regulatory elements; financial resources applied to product R&D and biologics commercialization. Our approach to partnering is principled and flexible. We prefer a creative approach to deal structuring that optimizes the benefit for both parties. Together with our partners, we design and execute a development and commercialization plan for our partnered products. 4DMT has entered into multiple corporate alliances, including partnerships with Roche, Pfizer and MedImmune (AstraZeneca). Our biopharmaceutical partners provide the following strengths to our R&D programs:

  • Disease area expertise and key opinion leader networks
  • Strong intellectual property on promising transgene payloads and/or transgene regulatory elements
  • Financial resources to contribute to product R&D, manufacturing and commercialization
  • Biologics commercialization expertise and capabilities

Our product development and commercialization model is flexible, and we adapt it to fit each partnership. We engage with our partners to design and execute the best R&D and commercialization plan for the specific business relationship and disease targets. We select from two general collaboration models:

  1. Product focused co-development and profit-sharing relationship
  2. Licensing to a partner the use of a lead vector for a product expressing a specific transgene payload in return for upfront, milestone and royalty payments

Our partnership with Roche is focused on the design, development and commercialization of targeted and proprietary AAV products for use in ophthalmology indications. Initial products in development will be targeted to address inherited retinal diseases, using 4DMT intravitreal injection vectors (eg 4D-R100), including for the treatment of Choroideremia (4D-110). 4DMT will focus on product design and engineering, preclinical development, early-stage clinical development (Phase 1-2 trials) and pre-commercial manufacturing and analytical activities. Roche is positioned to perform pivotal Phase 3 trials, regulatory and pricing approval activities, and global commercialization. Roche will fund all R&D activities performed by 4DMT on Roche-licensed products, including development through Phase 2 clinical trials for Choroideremia.

Our research partnership with AstraZeneca is focused on the discovery and development of aerosolized 4DMT AAV lung vectors to modulate a well-validated molecular target in a large market lung disease. 4DMT retains all other rights for lung disease, for 4DMT lung vectors and for modulation of any other molecular target in the lung.