Scientific Publications


Randomized dose-finding clinical trial of oncolytic immunotherapeutic vaccinia JX-594 in liver cancer.

Heo J, Reid T, Ruo L, Breitbach CJ, Rose S, Bloomston M, Cho M, Lim HY, Chung HC, Kim CW, Burke J, Lencioni R, Hickman T, Moon A, Lee YS, Kim MK, Daneshmand M, Dubois K, Longpre L, Ngo M, Rooney C, Bell JC, Rhee BG, Patt R, Hwang TH, Kirn DH.
Nature Med. 2013 Mar;19(3):329-36.

Intravenous delivery of a multi-mechanistic cancer-targeted oncolytic poxvirus in humans.

Breitbach CJ, Burke J, Jonker D, Stephenson J, Haas AR, Chow LQ, Nieva J, Hwang TH, Moon A, Patt R, Pelusio A, Le Boeuf F, Burns J, Evgin L, De Silva N, Cvancic S, Robertson T, Je JE, Lee YS, Parato K, Diallo JS, Fenster A, Daneshmand M, Bell JC, Kirn DH.
Nature. 2011 Aug 31;477(7362):99-102.


In Vivo Selection of a Computationally Designed SCHEMA AAV Library Yields a Novel Variant for Infection of Adult Neural Stem Cells in the SVZ

Ojala DS, Sun S, Santiago-Ortiz JL, Shapro MG, Romero PA, Schaffer DV. In vivo selection of a computationally designed SCHEMA AAV library yields a novel variant for infection of adult neural stem cells in the SVZ. Mol Ther. 2018;26(1):304-319.

AAV ancestral reconstruction library enables selection of broadly infectious viral variants

Santiago-Ortiz J, Ojala DS, Westesson O, et al.  AAV ancestral reconstruction library enables selection of broadly infectious viral variants. Gene Ther. 2015;22(12):934-946.

Poster Presentations

A novel cardiotropic AAV variant 4D-C102 demonstrates: superior gene delivery and reduced immunogenicity in cardiac tissues versus wildtype AAV in non-human primates, and results in functional GLA in cardiomyocytes and Fabry fibroblasts

Kevin Whittlesey, Gabriel Brooks, Roxanne Croze, Chris Schmitt, Paul Szymanski, Julie Nye, Melissa Quezada, Ghezal Beliakoff, David Schaffer, Peter Francis, Melissa Kotterman, David Kirn. Poster presented at the 6th Update on Fabry Disease conference, May 26-28, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic.