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Diversified Business Model

1. Diverse Portfolio of Partnered & Non-partnered Products

Type 1: 4D Development Candidate

  • 4D develops through clinical POC
  • Late-stage clinical partnership vs 4D commercialization

Type 2: 4D-Partner Profit Share Option

  • Option: Co-fund product development
  • Leverage partner’s cost share, development capabilities
  • Upfront, Milestones
  • Profit share (US, WW) vs. royalty

Type 3: Licensed Partners fund 100%

  • Upfront, Milestones
  • Royalties

2. Best-in-Class Discovery & Development

Diversified Product Portfolio

  • Multiple diverse shots on goal: >10
  • Low risk, low cost, fast to market: monogenic diseases
  • o Large market indications: in vivo production of validated therapeutic proteins

Diversified Business Risk

  • Balance 4D-funded & -developed products with licensed products
  • Profit share option(s): targeted investments in best products
  • Leverage partners for manufacturing, funding, pivotal trials

Focus on Core World-Class Expertise

  • AAV vector discovery
  • AAV vector engineering
  • Translational & early-stage clinical development

3. Become the Industry-Leading Gene Therapy Company

Discover & Monopolize best vectors in field

Create industry-leading gene therapy product pipeline

  • Multiple product shots on goal: most in industry
  • Multiple tissue targets: most in industry
  • Monogenic & large market diseases
  • Partnered products with leading companies
  • 4D products for rare monogenic diseases

Highly efficient product development

  • Best team, fastest development model
  • Leverage same vectors for multiple products
  • Partner funding for 4D vector discovery – 4D retains vector rights outside field
  • Partnerships to grow & fund product portfolio

Sustainable long-term value creation & competitive advantage

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