Our founders formed a close partnership for one simple reason: to cure as many patients with innovative gene therapeutics as possible. This is our guiding principal. We work every day to bring as many customized 4DMT vectors into as many great products as possible, for as many diseases and patients as possible.

Many companies have benefited greatly from a leadership duo with complementary skill sets. In partnership, our founders are able to bring together deep expertise in bioengineering, vector discovery, virology, product design, product development, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, business development, management and entrepreneurship.

Both have worked and innovated for over 20 years in the gene therapy and viral vector therapeutics field. Importantly, however, they focused on different ends of the research and development (R&D) spectrum. While Dr. Schaffer focused on basic scientific innovation and vector discovery technologies, Dr. Kirn has focused on product design, clinical R&D, biotech entrepreneurship, company growth and business development. Together, a truly synergistic partnership has flourished.

David Kirn, MD

co-founder, Chairman

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David Schaffer, PHD

Chief Scientific Advisor

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Theresa Janke

(founding management team)

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Melissa Kotterman, PhD

Vice President,
Discovery & Engineering
(founding management team)

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