Sustainable Differentiation

Our potential to become the most impactful company in the gene therapy industry for patients is driven by three unique value drivers at 4DMT:

ROBUST, INDUSTRY-LEADING GENE THERAPY VECTOR DISCOVERY PLATFORM: Our Therapeutic Vector Evolution platform is able to generate highly optimized, customized and proprietary AAV vectors for any tissue or cell type in the body. This empowers us to create products to target many diseases that cannot be addressed adequately with conventional AAV vectors. Our co-Founder Dr. David Schaffer pioneered this platform at UC Berkeley for roughly 15 years prior to the formation of 4DMT. At 4DMT we have since industrialized this discovery platform by creating 37 AAV vector “libraries” comprising over one billion vectors, building out discovery capabilities in vivo and in human organotypic models ex vivo. We’ve taken this technology to a whole new level. Over the next decade, our goal is to make 4DMT vectors the gold standards for the industry.

EXTENSIVE DEVELOPMENT EXPERTISE WITH VIRAL VECTOR GENE THERAPEUTICS: Our team has deep leadership experience translating viral vectors into the clinic, and developing them in well-designed and executed clinical trials. Dr. Kirn has led clinical R&D programs with 10 different viral vector products, involving six different vector platforms, over 30 clinical trials, and over 800 patients with life-threatening diseases. Dr. Francis and Ms. Janke have led over 10 clinical trials (Phase 1 – 3) with multiple products in the field. This combined clinical-regulatory experience will accelerate the development of our 4DMT products and increase the likelihood of success.

DIVERSIFIED, SUSTAINABLE AND EFFICIENT BUSINESS MODEL: The value of our business is driven by our product pipeline. Each 4DMT product will be developed and commercialized along one of three different tracks. First, we will develop and commercialize a number of products ourselves. Second, for some products we enter into co-development partnerships with complementary biopharmaceutical companies. Third, in some cases we will out-license the use of our customized vectors for the delivery of specific transgene payloads for the treatment of diseases that 4DMT will not be pursuing ourselves. To learn more about our existing collaborations please visit Partnerships.