4DMT In The Media

4DMT Featured in Nature Medicine Article

In September 2015, Nature Medicine featured 4D Molecular Therapeutics in an article entitled “Starting up and spinning out: The changing nature of partnerships between pharma and academia”. The article describes the evolving variety of forms that can be taken for collaborations between industry and academia, including academic spinout companies partnering with pharma. As an example of this partnering strategy, the article details the inception of 4D Molecular Therapeutics, ongoing collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech partners, and a quote from 4DMT co-founder Dr. David Schaffer. To read the article, please visit http://www.nature.com/nm/journal/v21/n9/full/nm0915-968.html

Pfizer Expands R&D Equity Investment Strategy to Access Early-Stage Scientific Innovations

Initial Investments in Companies Focused on Conditionally Active Biologics, Immuno-Oncology, Neurodegenerative Technologies and Gene Therapy Provide Access to Pfizer Resources to Help Accelerate Research into Novel Pathways and Technologies January 08, 2016 04:13 PM Eastern Standard Time NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) today announced an expansion of its Research & Development (R&D) investment strategy to include early-stage companies on the leading edge of scientific innovation, providing them with both equity and access to resources for research in promising areas aligned with Pfizer’s core interests. The first four investments of the newly focused initiative include $46 million in financing to companies at early stages of the discovery process that are actively exploring Conditionally Active Biologics (CABs), immuno-oncology, neurodegenerative technologies and gene therapy. Additional opportunities will continue to be identified by Pfizer’s scientific leadership through their active involvement, and Pfizer will help recipient companies fully explore their platforms in the hopes of

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4DMT Featured in Biotech Documentary

French film company, LaBiotech Tour, recently featured 4D Molecular Therapeutics in their documentary on Bay Area biotech companies. LaBiotech Tour is the first World Tour of Biotech ecosystems, showcasing companies from India to Germany to Ireland. LaBiotech selected 4DMT to represent The San Francisco Bay Area, which is the second largest Biocluster in the US after Boston. Watch 4DMT Co-Founders David H. Kirn and David V. Schaffer discuss our technology and goals for the future in the video below.  

4D Mentioned in Nature Article

“Starting up and Spinning out: The changing nature of partnerships between big pharma and academia” VOLUME 21 | NUMBER 9 | SEPTEMBER 2015 NATURE MEDICINE “The inception of 4D Molecular Therapeutics is another example of how startups are spinning out of academia and partnering with pharma. David Schaffer, a chemical engineer at the University of California, Berkeley, had been working on developing gene therapy techniques since he joined the university in 1999. “I had been thinking about starting a company since around 2007, but the economic crash at the time made it clear that the timing wasn’t good for a startup. In the first eight to nine years of this work, I don’t think biotech was ready for gene therapy,” Schaffer says. After Schaffer met David Kirn, a physician-scientist and entrepreneur, through QB3 in 2012, the two started to talk more seriously about forming a company. They founded 4D Molecular Therapeutics

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